Binary thinking in betting is there that perfect free bet? » Binary thinking in betting is there that perfect free bet?

Absolutely in any sphere of life, a person must make certain decisions, choosing from several options. This is quite normal, because freedom of action and thinking has never hurt anyone. It should be noted especially for betting. Accordingly, we can assume that in theory some things can be greatly simplified. But everything is very ambiguous, because any decision must be accompanied by clarification of the situation, not random preferences. Therefore, binary thinking is the division of the available information into two opposing options. To understand the whole point, here’s a simple example. The bettor has found a match where there is a clear favorite and an outsider. It is clear that there can be no doubt in this case, but the pro thinks about whether to make a betting forecast with a handicap on the weak team? The odds on the favorite are minuscule, so according to binary thinking, the bettor decides to switch his attention to a more worthy option to bet. Accordingly, the choice is between profit and common sense. But usually everyone is inclined to increase the size of the free bet, preferring to make a better prediction on the favorite.

This mindset is actively used by everyone in fairly primitive situations: to buy something you want/save and buy a cheap counterpart, to do business now or tomorrow, to learn English or to look for excuses and drag the process out. In betting, the diversity of the roster is astounding and you can find at least 5-10 predictions for a free bet on just one game. But all the same, binary thinking applies here as well.

It is worth understanding that the very principle of the binary theory is the simplicity of making instant decisions. However, the bettor has a lot of opportunities that are not limited to certain conditions in the “Yes or No” format. There may still be a chance to use such simplicity in live betting, but it is better to act on a strategy and established tactics that allow success without becoming a generator of random decisions.

Possible deviations of the results in sports betting

As you may have already noticed, binary thinking makes it necessary to divide information into two specific categories only, if this is of course allowed. To beginners and inexperienced bettors, it seems that a good bet can be considered the one that has the best chance of winning, even without considering the low odds. Correspondingly bad is the one that has a low percentage of going in. These nuances are not difficult to understand and ordinary people, far from sports betting, because a similar distribution occurs in life. However, for obvious reasons, such a perception is completely wrong. 


I bet more on the favorite, even though the odds are small. All athletes are the same people, therefore can be in a bad mood, with slight injuries or simply on the score can easily influence the weather, preparation of the conditions of the game, etc. That is why “putting” 10 million on odds 1.05 is as right decision as using submarines for Formula 1 races.

Express on favorites. One more disastrous decision, which has a serious excuse: the odds are minimal, but if you put 10-15 events in a pile, the total is good! If only the stake were bigger, then this would be a perfect solution! But no, the Parlay itself is considered a pretty risky bet, especially if you approach it thoughtlessly. It is much more dangerous to add events with paltry odds, because there is no profit. The risk is 99%.

Belief in a fixed or drawn event. In the first case, any option can be thrown in the trash and binary thinking is not helpful. In the second, the assumptions fall into two categories: teams so weak or strong that they can not win and the match will end in a draw. Where is the binary here? It’s simple, a draw is not only not a win for one of the teams, but also not a loss.

So what kind of bet can be considered ideal? If you think in professional terms, you need to set aside all biases and distinguish the line between winning as well as losing. The absence of various prejudices and belief in a miracle, combined with an excellent strategy, are the main helpers in making a great sports bet. Often bettors operate with percentages and on the one hand it is very correct. If a player’s analysis is more accurate than the presented analytics of the betting company, it means that in the long run it is the pro who will make money by constantly racking up the pros. Is it possible to do this? Of course it is, but attention and effort should be taken to the maximum, because in the case of an individual bettor, only he thinks, and in betting companies for the process is responsible for a lot of specialists, experienced and with the right skills.

Best betting tip

And separately, it is worth highlighting this expert tip accept the fact that uncertainty reigns in the world and in absolutely any sphere of life. Many moments can be foreseen, but it is impossible to predict everything. Especially in betting, where luck takes place, but one should not fully rely on it. Binary thinking can be useful for bettors, but also has negative sides, because it essentially limits the experience. When a player does not develop and constantly make the same operations, everything over time will resemble a certain software algorithm. People are not robots, so develop your thinking, discover new opportunities and always try to improve yourself more to become a professional and achieve success.

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