How to evaluate soccer matches for betting: basic tips and recommendations » How to evaluate soccer matches for betting: basic tips and recommendations

If a person is serious about betting, which is considered for him not a simple entertainment, he is always scrupulous when making each bet. Everyone is looking for lucrative opportunities to make money and betting cannot be considered a bad option for this. It is true that you need to put a lot of effort to become a professional and constantly increase your capital.

How to start betting?

The first tip for betting on sports is to analyze and compare the odds of bookmakers with your own. Not always the individual calculation is more correct, but it is a sure sign that the player is on the right track. If the presented odds somewhat underestimate the chances of winning a particular team, according to the bettor, then it is worth further analysis and prove that this is the case. As a bonus, you can get a profitable outcome with minimal risk. It is quite easy to understand such tactics, especially since there are now quite a few sources with statistics and even expert analytics that allow you to achieve success.

The nuances of sports betting: what to look for

Most people today continue to believe betting tips from “professionals”, hoping to improve their financial situation by someone’s assumptions. A lot of profitable opportunities appear immediately after individual evaluation of different events. With experience, things will only get better, and you should not ignore proven strategies and probability theory. Many people will say that even the most correct mathematical calculations will not help calculate the ideal bet, and they will be right in some respects. Indeed, it is worth comparing the squads of a soccer top club and an outsider, look at recent matches, estimate a low bookmaker odds and the outcome, it would seem, is clear. But not always.

For example, the best team in the championship decides to put the second squad for a match with an outsider. Free betting sites raise the odds and most beginners are already wary of this, preferring to bet on the weaker club. But even if no one wants the match, some players from the reserve team may wish to prove themselves in order to get into the main roster. Accordingly, even the youth team sometimes plays at the highest level, and bettors lose because of the lack of attention to all the details. Example certainly a simple, but reflects many of the mistakes of gamblers.

If a person is able and willing to analyze information, compare facts and take into account all the smallest nuances of the game, then he has every chance to win. Indeed, it takes a lot of time and you can’t bet as “professional cappers” from social networks, 10-20 matches a day. But this approach is not necessary. It is much better to make a passing forecast with a big sum for 75-90% than to make dozens of matches, trusting luck. In both cases, you can suffer a fiasco, but knowing all the peculiarities, it is easy to avoid.

Is it possible to beat the bookmaker?

The prospect of beating a bookie is alluring to every player, because the stakes are big and there is plenty of money to be made in the office, and you can make good money on free online betting tips without any special effort. On the other hand, some players do not believe it because the bookmaker has a lot of experienced analysts and specialists in other areas, whose job is not to cheat customers, but to reinsure the office. For example, if the system fails and the match of a top team against an amateur club will be odds 2 or higher, then the office will suffer serious losses. Similarly, in relation to insignificant errors in the form of +0.5-1 share of odds. As mentioned above, the lack of leaders, of course, a significant indicator, but sometimes going only for the benefit of teams.

You can not say that right at the beginning of your betting career, you can only look through the lineups, the last matches and already have a chance to bet millions on events with an imaginary passability of 90-99%. There are a lot of factors, which influence the final result in any sport. Also recently, the idea of successful players has changed. Handicaps, corridors, forks – all this is still in demand and will have the demand for a long time. However, modern bettors implement their own strategies, improve classical approaches and use different algorithms to achieve success.

So where to start? Here’s another tip for today’s sports betting – with the study of leagues, tournaments, teams and individual players.

Odds in betting: how important is it?

Betting company odds also play a significant role. What you should never trust is the odds. For obvious reasons, the betting companies will not raise the odds, because they also risk a lot. What we mean here is the fever called “I bet on the favorite, because the bookie gives 1.1-1.3! This disease is inherent in all beginners who want to earn more at once. If you analyze the match individually, you can find other outcomes with better odds, without going away from the expected result. For example, on the leader of the championship give Cf 1.15. 

It is foolish to bet even large sums on it, although the probability of the prediction coming in is very high. The bettor looks at the latest games, team performance statistics and the success of the opponents in the championship, choosing the bet Handicap (-2) at odds of 1.9. As a result, the team confidently wins 3-0 and if you bet $100, the difference in the results immediately demonstrates the importance of quality analysis can learn the statistics on yellow and red cards, the total number of assigned penalties, penalties and the like.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to pay attention to the referees, because even with various modern systems that improve the fairness of the game, an important role is given to the referees and their actions on the field.

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