Is free bets a good way to make money or a waste of time? » Is free bets a good way to make money or a waste of time?

In order to prioritise the priorities straight away, it should be stressed that the freebies are still considered to be quite a quality option for attracting gamblers. The method is time-tested and considered quite effective. Why is it so? If the betting company values its reputation, it offers a really free bet. That is, you don’t have to win it back, you don’t have to perform any complicated operations either.

But everyone understands that something completely free can be found only in rare cases. Therefore, there is no need to dismiss the idea that the freebet is considered an excellent and well-thought-out strategy from bookmakers, which provides benefits for themselves. In the first place, one can highlight the possibility of attracting attention, and in the second place, today’s free bet can be offered with its own terms and conditions, without allowing the player to earn very much. There are as many betting companies on the market as there are different requirements for gamblers.

Free betting tips

It is important to understand that a free bet offers no guarantees other than that the bettor will not lose anything. However, there are nuances even in this case. If the rules state that you should only bet on basketball and with odds higher than 1.5, then you should do so, because otherwise the freebet can “burn out”, and the player’s money is used for betting. It is very rare that the system simply does not accept a free bet and warns about the non-compliance. In other situations the law applies: “Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability”.

There is no accurate information about lost and won predictions, which are made with the help of freebies. However, there often appear insinuations of betting shop workers, according to which bettors lose 80% of free bets literally at once. This is due to an unwillingness to read the rules, as well as an interest in high odds. Freebet is indeed considered to be a great option for flirting with risky odds, but you shouldn’t bet on anything anyway.

From all of this we can conclude that free betting is a great promotional move from any betting company and effectively attracts the attention of bettors. Rarely do betting companies do charity work and offer freebies without wagering or other conditions. However, there are such companies on the market, and it is quite realistic to find them.

Main priorities of using freebit

To start using the freebet, you need to register. It is for creating an account that betting companies often give such gifts. Also, many players find unique promo codes and once they are activated, free bets appear in the bonus account.

Here are examples of freebies awarded by betting companies:

Bookmakers provide freebies to newbies upon registration. According to the terms, one has to create an account, pass verification and only for that the bettor receives a free bet without the need for wagering.

The freebet from the bookmaker is $5. It is credited immediately after registration. There is no need to replenish the account or undergo verification.

The free bet of $50 shall be credited only after identification and wagering. To get this free bet, you need to deposit at least $50 and place it 2 times on a multi bet with odds of at least 1.6.

As you can see from the list above, not every free bet counts as such. But that’s not surprising, because no-one likes to give away big money prizes for nothing. It is therefore very important to read the rules and requirements before using the freebies and registering with a betting company. This will allow you to get the most out of it without any problems and without making any mistakes.

The requirements can be very different. If the office is unwilling to pay out the promised gift, the conditions may change already after the offer has been activated. However, by choosing a proven and reliable company, this can be avoided. Basically, such bookmakers can only take away the face value of the freebies, and the rest of the money is credited to the client’s main balance. There is also an important nuance to be noted here if the free bet after settlement is credited to the bonus account, then there are additional wagering rules, as no bookmaker will allow withdrawals from it.

You have to use the freebet when you make a bet in the usual way. You will need to go into pre-match or live betting, select the event and specify the free bet. Many betting firms offer to use the whole freebet or split it into parts. If, along with the free bet, the bettor specifies the prediction amount, then his account will be debited and the reward will be “burned”. Sometimes bookmakers will leave a freebet and only use the player’s funds, but in very rare cases. It is important to remember that the winnings when using the freebet will always be less than for a bet of a similar amount. The exception to this is betting on odds that will allow you to win 2 or more times the value of the free bet.

The size of the freebet 

There is no limit to the amount of the gift. Usually small betting companies give freebets between $1 and $5. Larger ones may encourage customers with similar bonuses or offer bigger ones: from $5 to $50. Just by the size of the freebies alone, it’s best not to look for a betting company, as this is a sure step to getting caught up in scam gaming platforms. No one is going to give away $100+ for nothing. It is important to read the rules to limit yourself from losing money.

Sometimes the size of the gift may not be fixed and is accrued in a certain percentage on the value of the deposit. In any case, only affordable requirements and lack of complications can allow you to earn more. For example, the bookmaker gives a freebet of $150. Under the terms, the player has to deposit a similar amount and win back the bonus 10 times. Even beginners understand that earning a free bet by placing a bet of $150 or more is not always realistic, and it’s not free. The conditions are close to reality: you have to bet on a prediction with odds 1.5-3.5 or simply deposit a certain amount of money, or use the freebet only on an order/straight.

It is important to always read the rules and conditions of the betting company carefully and very carefully, so as not to fall for fraudsters and not to tie your life with a poor-quality betting company. Prizes can be very generous and there are plenty of them too, but if the requirements are strict then there is absolutely no point in them. A freebet is a great gift, but only if provided by a trusted and reliable betting company. The offer is good enough for beginners and professional bettors.

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