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Nigeria is the economic center of Africa, and it has incredible potential for online casinos and bookmakers. The results of research showed that approximately 30% of Nigerians from the 200 million population bet daily. According to statistics on sports betting, young people aged from 18 to 40 actively follow sports matches.

Everyone is allowed to participate in betting on sports in Nigeria and the country has a regulatory authority that ensures that all bookmakers lead legal gambling activity. All licensed online bookmakers are free to advertise and offer their services.

Some sports stand out in terms of popularity in the country. They include:

  • soccer,
  • tennis,
  • box,
  • basketball.

However, these aren’t the only popular sports in the country. 

Bet variants

Bookmakers in Nigeria have a variety of bet variants. It is done to provide flexible services and satisfy Nigerian players’ needs as much as possible:

  • Winning Bets/ 1X2

This is a very common way to place bets for people of Nigeria especially on soccer. It is more commonly referred to as a 1X2, match outcome, or full result. Almost all online bookmakers offer this option.

  • Online bets

Nigerians also like to bet online or in-play.  Live bets are made in real-time during sports matches. It is popular among bookmakers as they often change the coefficients every second as the game progresses.

Rewards for players

 Online guide to betting on sports has a few tips and tricks that users can use to get ahead of the game. One of the main suggestions is taking full advantages of the bonuses at offer. Here are a few good ones to consider. 

  • Welcome bonuses

Almost all online platforms offer a welcome bonus. The welcome bonus’ size is measured between 50 to 100% percent of the initial deposit. 

  • No Deposit Bonuses

It is a small amount of money, given by the casino to players to learn the rules and get to know more about games.  This kind of bonus is rarely encountered on bookmakers’ websites.

  • Free bets

Free bets are a reward for regular players during a specific competition. They are associated with a deposit and can only be used in specific sports such as football or horse racing.

  • Cashback offers

A cashback offer is a type of promotion that gives you a certain amount of money back upon fulfilling certain criteria. With a cashback promotion, players get back a certain percentage of the funds, they have wagered or lost on the platform. Loyalty programs and VIP programs are types of cashback promotions.

  • Increased odds

Increased odds or higher coefficients are popular promotions used by many bookmakers. Extended odds are time-limited increases to the regular odds and usually come at no additional cost to players joining this promotion.

Payment methods

Online betting on sports can’t exits if users have not pay of getting their payments onto the platform. This is what deposits are for. However, nobody would play without an option to claim your winnings. This is what the withdrawals are for. Payment methods should be available, attractive, and convenient, preferably in a few currencies, like Nigerian Naira and the US dollar.

While online bookmakers often have a long list of deposit and withdrawal options, Nigerians prefer to use the following deposit and withdrawal methods:

  • Debit cards
  • Bank transfer
  • Online payment systems

Nigerians prefer using PayCom, an online payment service. It is accepted by a high number of bookmakers in Nigeria. PayCom method is fast, reliable, and allows making payments via apps for betting on sports. 

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