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Betting tip #1: Easy Money is not here

In the information space around the subject of betting, hysteria and hype is constantly maintained. All around there is a whiff of easy money, the beautiful life, and all at the expense of winnings on bets. As a practicing and successful team in the field of betting we can responsibly say that it is possible to earn money with betting, but it is not easy money.

If you want to make money with betting, you have to put in a lot of hard work intellectually, take a lot of time and constantly evolve. This is the everyday life of successful bettors. There is no easy money. Some luck, some momentary successes are possible, but there is always a distance.


The basis of planning is to determine such things as your choice of sport, specific leagues. Then you need to decide on the available bankroll, the funds you are willing to invest. Many players look for free money, bet chaotically, lose, wait for more free money, and so on, just to feed the bookie. You don’t need that. You have the exact opposite task.

You have to set a reasonable achievable goal based on the bank you have. Even when you get to the point where you have to make a pot, many bettors make the mistake of not setting goals. So they play chaotically and lose everything sooner or later. 

Distance and strategies are also part of the plan. Once you have a starting pot and a goal set, you need to set a time frame, or a number of bets, in which you are going to achieve a result. You should also choose adequate financial and gambling strategies to cover the financial gap that exists between the starting money and the outcome.


There really are no win-win strategies. There are many factors that affect the outcome of a betting scheme, such as the selection of types of bets and events, the quality of predictions, and discipline. So forget about “win-win” strategies, it’s a myth. There are a lot of good betting algorithms that can be used to make a profit. But like any tool, they are effective in the skillful hands and useless, unprofitable in the unskilled hands. So on the one hand strategies are necessary, without them you get a gap between the plan and its practical implementation.


 Probably almost 100% of bettors at the beginning of their practice bet on clear favourites. Some soon realised that it didn’t work long term, while others ran around making the same mistakes for years. The problem is that favourites can be real and on paper. Very often the past merits, the so-called class of a team substitute its real strength before a particular match. Although class is only one component of strength. It is a harmful practice to confuse these concepts.

Having made such a mistake, the player takes a bet on the nominal favourite for too low an odds. For example, the bookmaker has put a free prediction on a win of 1.35, which reflects a probability of about 74%. But in reality, the probability of this outcome is no more than 55%, which would be valued at a “factor” of about 1.82. By taking such bets with the losing odds on favourites over the long run, the player will inevitably fall short and go into deficit. He will guess somewhere or not, but the undervalued odds will add up to a multi-effect and bring down the player’s pot, and even more than one.

So experienced bettors hardly ever bet on clear favourites. They either take the few bets where the favourites are rated correctly, or they look for underdogs. As an alternative, there are also bets on underdogs and outcomes that are not related to the main result, such as goals, totals, statistics of various kinds.   

Betting tip #5: BET on Familiar Predictions

A problem with many newcomers to betting is a tendency to spread yourself thin and bet on everything. Often times there is a moment when one wants to start betting, but doesn’t find any suitable event in the sport or league in which one is familiar with. The right decision would be to put off betting and switch to other activities, wait for the time when suitable events will come up. However, many people are tempted to bet on all sorts of unfamiliar leagues and matches, and many do not hold out of the temptation to “cheat”. Specialists in football suddenly switch to hockey, tennis, boxing, cybersport. It ends predictably, with a “dump”.

Betting tip #6: QUALITY OR Quantity

A large proportion of betting newbies believe that the more bets they place, the quicker they will win a million. Yes, accelerated pot turnover in a positive trend leads to more rapid profits. However, you have to take your time, otherwise you could become the hero of another saying, the one where you make people laugh. If you found 20 promising bets, it does not mean that you have to divide the pot into 20 parts and play them all. And if there are 50 or 100 of them, all the more so. That’s why an initial plan is important. And you have to take the right number of bets for it, choosing the most confident ones, not just all of them. In addition, it is not advisable to play the whole pot at once. It is better to involve at once only a quarter or a third of the resource. The remaining amount should serve as a safety cushion in case you run into a losing streak. Free funds are also useful for insuring bets in live betting.

Betting tip #7: DON’T WARN EXPRESS

Many of the newbies get a craving for big express bets. With little money to wager, they try to compensate for their lack of bankroll with high odds. Trying to bet too little and then win big all at once is a really bad idea. The problem with multi bets is that as the odds and the number of events involved increase, the probability of winning drops off rapidly. We have dealt with this in detail in our reviews of this type of bet. As a reminder, a Parlay with odds 100 of 7 is much more likely to win than a Parlay with the same odds but with 10 or more outcomes. So Parlays are available in doubles and trebles format. Some bettors follow a strategy with multi bets of up to 6 events. But anything more than that is a lottery.

That’s the kind of sports betting tips we have come up with. Apply and progress!

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