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Wandering around the Internet, we have to deal with the fact that bets are placed on the clear favorites, on the teams they support, on various unobvious meetings. The results of such mess are naturally disastrous. Even a long distance is not required, people go down the drain very quickly, losing bank after bank, with such a bouquet of mistakes. The most frustrating thing here is not the fact of losing. It happens to everyone. However, a smart bettor capable of reflecting on his own results makes one mistake only once, while fools do it equally and constantly. In this material we have decided to collect a number of typical cases, pre-match layouts, in which you should not get involved with betting, under any circumstances.

With a busy game day there are always 5-10 matches you can bet on with great confidence. And there will be high odds, with reasonable risks. So learn this crucial lesson. No one is behind you with a machine, not forcing you to bet on all of the most high-profile matches that you like. No, you have the freedom of choice. You may not bet on the day at all, if there are no confident predictions. At most, on a bad day, you can pick 1-2 matches with the most confident picks available. Just know that you decide, not the match forces you to necessarily pick some outcome.Well, let’s move on to specific scenarios, pre-match layouts, where not to bet on sports.


Professional betting is different from amateur, because all his decisions and actions are governed by logic and reason. It is very difficult to soberly and adequately correlate the odds and take into account the factors if your favorite team is going to take part in the match. So professionals either have no attachment to a particular club at all, or if they have, they do not bet on the games involving it.

If you have a list of teams you are worried about, just put them on the stop list and do not consider them for betting on games in which they participate. It’s not much, but it will already reduce your potential losses due to emotional decisions, which go against logic.


Second in our anti-rating of events for potential betting are matches between principled rivals, so-called derbies. These can be confrontations between clubs from the same city, or just historically principled rivalries.

The problem of such games is that the prediction of the main outcomes and totals by the classical methods of comparing the strength and condition of the teams does not work here. This is when athletes’ emotions come to the fore, often overriding class, injuries, and tournament goals. We often see completely strange, illogical results in derby matches. In order not to guess who has better morale on a given day, it is recommended to bypass such matches. If the derby is really hot, without losing the heat, then, perhaps, the only exception may be a bet on the total of more yellow cards. How they will play in terms of score in these matches is almost random, but the fact that there will be a lot of fighting and fouls, you can bet on.


There are games where the clear favorite meets an obvious outsider, or a mediocre, but far behind his nearest opponent in class. It would seem that here is a sure thing, an ironclad, we should bet, and it is clear on whom. But it’s not that simple. In these types of matches the problem does not manifest itself immediately, the negative effect tends to manifest itself over time. The problem lies in the undervalued odds. Bookmakers speculate by intentionally lowering the odds from the favorite side, according to the crowd, and the crowd itself puts markedly more money on one shoulder, which makes the figures further decrease. As a result, the odds do not reflect the real probability. You will bet on conditions as if 80% of similar bets should go in at a distance, but in fact 60% will play in the plus, it’s just as an example. As a result, you will be at a disadvantage, because the number of losses for a long enough period will exceed the breakeven line.

To avoid this negative effect, you should avoid betting on the clear favorites, on which everyone is loading, and where the quotes are clearly and strongly understated, relative to fair figures. So if there is reason and justification in the forecast, then bet against, on some plus handicaps or goal of the underdog, using high quotes, or bypass such a game on the side. It is always necessary to find matches where the overload is not present or is minimal and play at fair odds.


We have given you typical scenarios and examples of soccer matches, in which it is better not to get involved with betting under any circumstances. As a reminder, it is impossible to bet on all games anyway, and it simply makes no sense to spread the bank that way. Meanwhile, there is always the option not to bet on a specific match, but to choose from the available list the most suitable and understandable encounters. Use this as a guide, don’t try to make up a forecast for a doubtful game. Such adventures lead to bank losses if they are abused. Only systematic movement along the distance, without disruptions to such obscure matches, can give success in the long run.

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